Lajčak: Everyone in Bosnia wants their own state

Miroslav Lajčak says that country's politicians want ethnic groups to have their own states.

Source: Tanjug

The high international representative in Bosnia said Thursday, addressing an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Permanent Council meeting in Vienna, that "no one wants to be a minority and they all want to have a state."

Lajčak believes that the Serbs and Croats are afraid of a Muslim domination, while the Bosniaks believe that the Republic of Srpska is an illegal entity.

The Serbs keep insisting on the preservation of their own entity, while the Croats are dissatisfied with the existence of only two entities, and the Bosniaks want to abolish the entities altogether, the Slovakian diplomat added.

That is why Lajčak expressed his belief that the European path is the only one leading towards stability in Bosnia, and asked for support from the international community, which in his words has to focus on the implementation of the Dayton Agreement.

Meantime, top officials in Belgrade have kept an eye on the brewing crisis in Serbia's western neighbor, with Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica's severely critical statement Thursday, and President Boris Tadić meeting with RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik Wednesday evening.

The two discusses the measures passed by Lajčak, the president's press service announced today.

Dodik is said to have pointed out why these measures are "unacceptable for the RS."

Serbia's prime interest is peace, stability, and a clear future within Europe for the entire region of southeastern Europe, Tadić said.

"An inevitable prerequisite for the realization of that interest is the full respect of the territorial integrity of each individual country in the region."

"In that sense, Serbia unequivocally supports the territorial integrity of Bosnia and its constitutional organization which is based on the principles of the Dayton peace accords," the president said.

Changes in any of these principles require a consensus among all three constitutive nations of that country, Tadić added.

"That is especially important because of the fact that Serbia itself is a guarantor of implementation of these accords, which brought the citizens of Bosnia peace they had so longed for," Tadić said.


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