US politicians stand by Djoković: The ban is absurd

US senator Ted Cruz is the latest in a series of local politicians who stand by Novak Djokovic against the ban on entry into the US.

Source: B92

Djokovic cannot enter the United States because he is an unvaccinated foreigner.

Republican congressman Ted Cruz, like many American officials before him, condemned the government's decision and publicly supported Djokovic.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, he called the ban "absurd" and then accused Biden of promoting an "eternal pandemic."

He also sent a clear message to the British media: "Let Novak Djokovic play!"

Ted Cruz is not the only one who has publicly requested the administration to allow Novak to play. Senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn (70) stated:

"It is absurd that Novak Djokovic is not allowed to enter America. No one should ever be punished directly or indirectly for not being vaccinated."

American Congressman Buddy Carter (64) has a similar attitude.

"He is the only victim of this administration's pseudoscientific vaccine mandates."

Senator Roger Marshall (61) also showed support for Djokovic.

He practiced medicine for 25 years, so he said that he "supports people like Djokovic to choose what is best for them". He also added that the ban on Djokovic from competing at the US Open is a "shame" and that Djokovic is "an extremely healthy person with a low risk of death from Covid".

Senator Rand Paul (59) also took Djokovic's side. He praised the Serbian champion for his "heroic stance for medical freedom" and condemned Biden for "banning a person who already has natural immunity from entering the US."


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