Priest caught smuggling skunk - report

The police in the town of Cacak said they cut a narcotics smuggling route and seized more than 27 kilograms of a substance believed to be the drug skunk.

Source: Blic, Tanjug
(Tanjug/Customs Administration)
(Tanjug/Customs Administration)

The drugs were found in 52 packages hidden in an Uzice license plates car stopped in the village of Mrcajevci, near Cacak, late on Tuesday.

The higher public prosecutor in Cacak ordered two men - M.J., born in 1977, and Z.M., born in 1975, both from the town of Pozega, western Serbia - to be kept in detention for up to 48 hours on suspicion that they illegally manufactured and trafficked narcotics.

The two suspects will be charged and brought before a prosecutor within a legal deadline, the Interior Ministry (MUP) announced.

Belgrade-based daily Blic is reporting on Wednesday that one of the suspects is a priest, and the other a religious education teacher.


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