Karadžić became Dabić in 1999

Radovan Karadžić assumed the identity of Dragan Dabić from Ruma in 1999, probably with the help of state organs, B92 understands.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

It appears that the real Dragan Dabić received his ID card five months earlier in April 1999.

In so doing, it meant that threre was no danger of two men with the exact same personal details appearing at the same department or service anywhere, as the real Dabić no longer needed new personal documents.

Meanwhile, according to certain media, it appears that Karadžić, alias Dabić, also had his own passport, and traveled to, among other places, Split and Vienna.

Following the revelations that Karadžić had been passing himself off as Dragan Dabić for some years, Vienna daily Kurier now claims that a doctor by the same name worked in the Austrian capital, using a Croatian passport.

Serbian security and secret services have been trying to determine how Karadžić acquired his fake papers, including his passport.

According to the Vienna newspaper, the Hague fugitive, going by the nickname of ‘Pera’, allegedly treated patients in Vienna, where he arrived on a Croatian passport.

One of his former patients, whose name was disclosed to the Vienna daily, but who is referred to as Stefan Graf in the article, claimed that he knew Karadžić/Dabić, who in Vienna went by the nickname of ‘Pera’.

Graf’s parents and other relatives also claim to recognize ‘Pera’ after seeing the photos of Karadžić after his arrest.

Graf told the Vienna daily that ‘Pera’ came to Vienna on a handful of occasions, never staying longer than three days, adding that he knew that the "miracle doctor" had also been active in Italy.

Certain Belgrade media have reported that Karadžić spent some time in Russia during his 13 years on the run, while Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija reports that Karadžić spent his summer vacation near Split.


Brammertz: Major achievement

Chief Hague Prosecutor Serge Brammertz held a news conference today hours after the Karadžić extradition.

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