"Time not right" to disclose details of IMF deal

NBS Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković said on Tuesday the contents of the arrangement reached with the IMF "are not being kept secret from the public."

Source: Tanjug

However, she added that "the details cannot be revealed just yet until the agreement with the international financial institution is officially signed."

According to her, "the public has been needlessly stirred over the fact that tangible data has not been made public yet."

She made this statement for Tanjug on the margins of the conference on the European economic integration on challenges of review in Europe and perspectives for central, eastern and south-east Europe in Vienna.

"When talks are conducted with an international financial organization, when a letter for IMF Director Christine Lagarde has been signed and the memorandum has been prepared that is yet to be adopted by the IMF Board of Directors, it is not right to open a debate in advance on the details that are certain but are still not definite," Tabaković said.

"We expect Serbia to be able to realise all the promises that we made and the projections we agreed through joint efforts," Tabaković said.

It needs to be underscored that the budget deficit in 2015 should be brought to sustainable limits, and the same has to be done with the level of public debt, she said.

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