1. Strange how Zoran's complaining in 3 articles about Persic, a Serb, being acquitted.
    (Danilo, 28 November 2014 09:48)

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  2. I think that the media focus on Šešelj too much, giving him the publicity he does not deserve, Meron told the reporters during his visit to Sarajevo.

    Well if that statement doesn't imply that this so-called judge has already reached his verdict then I don't know what does. His condemnation of Dr.Seselj could hardly be described as impartial.This court's integrity has been blown asunder and not for the first time. Shut the damn thing down and give them court jesters another trough to stick their snouts into.
    (Gaston, 27 November 2014 20:51)

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  3. This guy is full of it. I'm actually surprised he hasn't been arrested and thrown in jail, where he belongs. Danish "judge" Frederik Harhoff wrote a letter accusing Meron of presurring "judges" to acquit Gotovina and Perisic.

    This is what Harhoff had to say in his letter about Meron.

    "But reports of the same American presiding judge’s tenacious pressure on his colleagues in the Gotovina - Perisic case makes you think he was determined to achieve an acquittal - and especially that he was lucky enough to convince the elderly Turkish judge to change his mind at the last minute.Both judgements then became majority judgements 3-2."

    This is his full letter. Check -> [link]

    Also, that Frederik Harhoff was later taken off Seselj's case for being biased.

    Check -> [link]

    It just goes to show how corrupt that sham of a NATO "court" really is.
    (Zoran, 27 November 2014 15:55)

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