1. For good or bad: there is no "Милиция" in Russia and "Мiлiцiя" in Ukraine anymore.
    The name of the game is Полиция / Полiцiя.

    Otherwise if someone does not know:
    "и" = "i"
    "ы" = "и".

    And few more things. Unfortunately every nation had it's own "language renewal" movement and Cyrillic became corrupted. I have no problems with "i" in Ukrainian as it was used before.

    But what the heck is that "j" in Serbian? It does not belong there traditionally. It is used in lieu of "я", "ё", "ь". Is THAT really hard to learn these characters? It's late of course by few centuries, except that "Macedonian" which is very close to Bulgarian. Tito introduced "j" to Bulgarian and it became "Macedonian". Cool.
    (Ataman, 12 June 2020 02:52)

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