1. "on a simple crude body count you are wrong. The death toll in Kosovo was in the hundreds before the start of the bombing campaign. It was around 5,000 by the end. Not quite the "genocide" that some people claimed, incidentally, but not a good precedent either.

    I was working at Amnesty International during the Kosovo crisis. I first visited refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia during the conflict and then spent a year in Pristina seconded into the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Tony Blair says that we "reversed ethnic cleansing" there, but I would not count the expulsion of over 100,000 Serbs and Roma from a province guarded by 40,000 Nato troops as a success." Conor Foley 2007
    (Principa, Gracanica, KiM Srbija, 2 March 2018 06:07)

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  2. Dwight how fair or logical would it be to neglect the whole picture of Greater Serbia Campaign of Terror in 4 states?

    How much sense does it make to neglect bringing to justice the Serb perpetrators of the murdered 12,000 Kosovars ,kidnapped 3,500, thousands raped etc and focus on insulting the victims?

    How probable would it be that Jews committed war crimes on German civilians?

    Think 🤔 about first!

    How probable would it be for Africans to sell white Europeans into Slavery ????

    Got it ?

    Stop insulting the victims !
    (Azir, 1 March 2018 17:26)

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  3. Thaci and co are too stupid to play pretend because they are mighty Albanians and no-one tells them what to do. Trump and co don't even look very interested any more. That only leaves the euros who have to show the world how moral and fair despite destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria. Wooo!
    (Pig on a Lipstick, 1 March 2018 16:38)

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  4. Imagine EU establishing a court to try Jews that allegedly committed War Crimes against the Nazis.

    (Azir, 1 March 2018 03:18)

    You reasoning is incorrect, is more like the EU establishing a court to try Jews that allegedly committed War Crimes against German civilians.
    (Dwight, 1 March 2018 11:49)

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  5. (The Count of Kosova, 28 February 2018 22:55)

    Albanians are such a simple people thinking that everything that shines is gold.

    Bear in mind that even Washington was threatening your Albos if they tried to dismantle the special court. Remember the US Ambassador in Pristina and what the said several times about this subject ?????LOL. This is more the handiwork of incompetent State Department officials like Brian Yee and Vicky Nuland. I am delighted that the US is interfering because this will blow up in Washington's face.

    All Serbia has to do is announce that the US has nobbled the court and the Windbags will walk around with mud on their face.

    Peon of kosova please pass on my request to the hot air specialists to interfere even more LOL. I await with delight their Inspector Clouseauesque handing of the matter.
    (sj, 1 March 2018 10:56)

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  6. Imagine EU establishing a court to try Jews that allegedly committed War Crimes against the Nazis.

    The thought of this should be made criminal !

    Just when you thought it was bad for the victims ex Jews ...Albanians

    Insults of this court continue!
    (Azir, 1 March 2018 03:18)

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  7. "Schwendiman’s experience echoes frequent reports of indecision and paralysis in a state department facing deep budget cuts and riddled with vacancies in its top ranks," the newspaper said on its website.
    (social serb, 1 March 2018 02:46)

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  8. The truth spilling out and now he was made to leave for the lies and the cover up to continue
    (Sam, 28 February 2018 23:42)

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  9. This is a perfect example of how sj's wishful thinking ends by blowing up in his face. He is forever hoping Albanians to be blamed for crimes the Serbs committed. He never seems to learn from his mistakes. It reminds me of a cat chasing the moving circle of light on the floor from a flashlight, after 4 or 5 attempts at trying to catch the light, the cat gets tired and halts his futile attempts and then needs to take a nap. Unfortunately, sj doesn't have enough sense to stop his wishful thinking. SJ, I think it's time for your nap.
    (The Count of Kosova, 28 February 2018 22:55)

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  10. Let’s not jump to any conclusions. Don’t forget the threats given to the Kosovo politicians regarding their attempt to stop the trials recently. These threats were given by American diplomats. There could be many reasons why this man is out
    (Sam D, 28 February 2018 21:40)

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  11. American state department control over the so called special chamber or “KLA court” are loud echoes of the farcical circus run by Meron at the ICTY.
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 28 February 2018 13:31)

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