A Russian tycoon and fierce critic of Putin died

Russian tycoon and deputy of the United Russia party, Pavel Antov (65), died when he fell from a hotel window in the Indian city of Rayagada.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Microgen/Shutterstock
Foto: Microgen/Shutterstock

The BBC reports that the Russian consul in India, Alexey Idamkin, told the TASS agency that the police "have not found a criminal element in these tragic events" so far.

The MP's friend Vladimir Budanov (61), with whom he was in India, died two days earlier, and according to the police, it was a heart attack, the BBC reported.

Pavel Antov founded the "Vladimir Standard" meat processing factory, and in 2019, Forbes magazine estimated his wealth at about 140 million dollars.

Antov has criticized the current war in Ukraine, and in June he called the airstrikes on Kyiv Russian "terror", wounding Ukrainian civilians, according to the BBC.


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