"Over 100,000 migrants cross into Hungary from Serbia"

A total of 100,959 illegal migrants arrived in Hungary since the beginning of the year- 100,208 entered the country by crossing the Serbian-Hungarian border.

Source: Tanjug

That is what Hungary' Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Friday.

Speaking at the ceremony of opening the renovated border crossing at Horgos, northern Serbia, Szijjarto said that more migrants had been arriving in Europe through the Western Balkans than across the Mediterranean Sea.

Szijjarto said that Budapest would try to organize a conference of foreign and interior ministers of EU member-states, the Western Balkans and Turkey in October to find a joint solution to the problem.

As long as that solution is not in sight, Hungary must defend itself. It needs to defend the borders of the European Union and to cooperate with the Western Balkan states so they could defend themselves, too, said Szijjarto .

He observed that every member-state of the EU should honor the Dublin Regulation when dealing with immigrants, stressing that the fence that was being put up along the Hungarian border with Serbia was not aimed against Serbia.

Szijjarto said that Serbia also was under enormous pressure because of the large influx of migrants, and stressed the importance of further cooperation between the two countries in thwarting illegal migration.


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