Bosnia-Herzegovina to hold first census since 1991

Bosnia-Herzegovina's first population and housing census since 1991 will take place from Oct. 1 to Oct. 15, Beta news agency is reporting.

Source: Beta

The census is expected to yield an exact social and economic snapshot of Bosnia which will also reveal changes in the distribution of its population caused by the war that raged in the country between 1992-1995.

The census was for years a matter of dispute in Bosnia with political parties there unable to agree on whether or not to hold it off until after the implementation of Dayton Peace Accords Annex 7, which prescribes the right to the unconditional return of refugees to their pre-war homes.

Further debate was triggered after the definition of ethnic and religious origins and languages. Following numerous discussions, a so-called "open" determination model was adopted allowing everyone to define their own answers as they see fit without suggesting any specific designation.

Based on the country's last census in 1991, Bosnia-Herzegovina had a population of 4,377 million, 43.47 percent of whom were Muslims, 31.21 Serbs and 17.38 Croats, while the rest declared themselves members of minority groups.


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