Hungarian court sentences migrant to 10 years in jail

A Hungarian court has sentenced a migrant to ten years in jail for participating in rioting at the country's southern border with Serbia last year.

Source: B92

According to media reports, the court declared 40-year-old Ahmed Hamad, of Syrian origin, guilty for throwing rocks at the police in an attempt to force them to open the border.

This is characterized as an act of terrorism under Hungarian law.

Hamad received "the longest prison term in the recent migration crisis," Reuters said in its report, adding that the man, described as a Syrian-Cypriot, was "part of a group that crossed illegally into Hungary on September 16 last year and also spoke to the crowd using a loudspeaker before hundreds of migrants forced open the border gate and police fired water cannon and tear gas."


Migrants found on "new route" that bypasses Serbia

The Croatian police have detained five migrants from Iran and issued a ban preventing them from traveling to the country again during the next two years.

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