"Recognition of Kosovo? I would be surprised"

US Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer said in Pristina that the best way to end the dialogue would be for Serbia to recognize Kosovo.

Source: Kosovo online
Foto: Depositphotos/dk_photos
Foto: Depositphotos/dk_photos

However, US Balkan expert Daniel Serwer is pessimistic about mutual recognition.

Serwer told RTV "Dukagjini" that, although Biden administration took the job of dialogue more seriously, he does not expect recognition in the near future, reports Kosovo online.

"I don't think an agreement can be reached in the near future. I would be surprised if any other developments happen in the next meetings. I think the Biden administration is much more committed to recognizing Kosovo's independence and sovereignty within its current borders, but I doubt it will happen any time soon. It's best to ask Lajcak and Palmer. Some new arrangements are possible on things like missing people and finances, but I doubt there will be a recognition agreement," Serwer concluded.


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