"Serbia must not be rewarded with Kosovo territory for its crimes"

Vjosa Osmani says the idea of exchanging territories with Serbia is a precedent for the entire region and will not be discussed, despite US demand

Source: Kosovo online

The Vice President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Osmani, says there is nothing pragmatic about exchanging territories, Kosovo Online reports.

"Serbia should not be rewarded with Kosovo territory for the crimes it committed, beginning with genocide, crimes against humanity. There is nothing pragmatic about exchanging territory because it would lead to displacement of the population, which could result in displacement that may seem peaceful, but it's actually a crime", Osmani noted, portal Klan Kosova reports.

There are many problems because precedent is being created, given that the countries that have committed genocide can be rewarded with territory, the LDK Vice President stressed.

"When Kosovo and Serbia entered the dialogue, there were promises that the steps they would take would benefit the EU rather than gain something from Kosovo. This would set a precedent in the region. It would not end with Kosovo, but continue with the North Macedonia, Montenegro, ending up with Hungary", she warned.


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