"EU is set of values, not pot of money"

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said in Brussels on Wednesday that for her, "Europe is a set of values, not a money."

Source: Tanjug

Brnabic was speaking at the European Policy Center when she also remarked that "the main foreign policy goal of Serbia is joining the EU."

"EU membership is Serbia's strategic goal, the EU is not a pot of money, but a set of values that we strive towards because of the quality of life of all our citizens. Serbia remains committed to the policy of peace and stability and strengthening cooperation in the region," the prime minister posted on Twitter.

"The deadline for joining the EU in 2025 is very ambitious, which will not depend only on us, but also on the EU and member states," Brnabic said.

As she pointed out, Europe was right when it created an enlargement to make the Balkans more stable and integrated in the region.

"If the EU offered Serbia enlargement today, I would say no," Brnabic said, and concluded that "we have to do more," the Brussels-based Center for European Policy said on Twitter.


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