Vucic: We must not be humiliating Pristina now

President Aleksnadar Vucic reacted on Tuesday to Pristina's failure to join Interpol - a bid strongly opposed by Serbia.

Source: Beta

Vucic said it represented a success of his country - "a small, defianat, and proud country" - but that it was not reason to be "euphoric and humiliate Pristina."

"This is a success of a small, defiant and proud country, which cannot base its future on defiance, but on a rational approach and that must wish for a compromise," Vucic said in his address at the Serbian Presidency in Belgrade.

He said that had Serbia hoped for a good result, but that it turned out to be better than expected.

Vucic said that the first round of the vote, "where there were 76 countries against Kosovo's membership, and 20 abstained" - showed that "Kosovo was not even close to a two-thirds majority."

He added that Paraguay was the only country that Serbia believed would be abstained, but that ended up voting for Kosovo's membership in Interpol.

Vucic thanked all the countries that helped Serbia and added that he would work on developing better relations and friendship with them.

"I am proud of the struggle of my country, which is a small country, without much money and power in the world, that managed to win pitted against the most mightly powers in the world, and show how valuable it is to preserve its freedom, integrity and independence," said Vucic

According to him, Belgrade will continue to insist on a compromise with Pristina, who it will "beg to lift tariffs for Serbian products."

"We have improved our international position, but we cannot use this example to humiliate and annul the Pristina side," added Vucic.

Earlier today, at the General Assembly of Interpol, Kosovo failed to get enough votes to become a member of the world's police organization.

In the first round, 76 voted in favor, 56 against, while 22 delegates abstained. After the break, in the second round, vote, 68 voted in favor, 51 were against, while 16 delegates abstained.


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