"UN chair for Pristina out of question; we await April 20"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says the possibility of Serbia recognizing Kosovo and allowing it to get a chair at the UN is out of the question.

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(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Speaking for Pink TV, Dacic said he always stood for "finding a compromise solution" for the Kosovo-Metohija issue - one that would "remove the cause of conflict."

"It is not in our interest to deteriorate the situation, instead it is to have a peaceful (situation) and implement the Brussels agreement," he said, and called on the international community to state whether it wants Serbia as a partner, or as a hostage of bad relations.

The minister added that April 20 will be awaited to see if Pristina will meet its obligations from the Brussels agreement when it comes to forming the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), and remarked that if this does not happen, "Serbia will have to decide how to proceed."

He described the arrest in Kosovo a week ago of Serbian official Marko Djuric as "disgraceful for the political scene in Europe, and for the EU."

"I think Pablo Escobar would have better treatment if they arrested him. Djuric is not a criminal, not somebody who broke the law, if it was about political reasons, it could have been done differently," Dacic said, and added that procedures for visits of officials had been "agreed on in Brussels a number of times."

According to Dacic, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic "did not rank priorities" - and "had he behaved emotionally or irrationally, the reaction probably would have been such to draw us into a spiral, and the question is how that would have settled down."

"A clash could have happened, each attack on the north (of Kosovo) we will interpret as an attack on Serbia," said Dacic.

According to the minister, the EU bears great blame "because it guaranteed the realization of everything that was agreed in Brussels."


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