Opposition slams govt. on Kosovo, economy

The opposition New Serbia (NS) party says the ruling majority has failed to live up to its election promises, and calls for a fresh parliamentary ballot.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

The party, led by Velimir Ilić, has also accused the government of obstructing the work of the Serbian parliament by postponing a no-confidence vote session, called for over the Kosovo situation, but also because of mass layoffs, economic chaos and corruption.

"Another reason why the ruling coalition obviously doesn't wish to see this debate is because the government adopted a decision on the deployment of EULEX in Kosovo without a previous such decision passing in parliament," the NS said in a statement on Saturday.

Furthermore, the statement says, the delay of the session meant to analyze the work of the government and convince MPs to vote to bring it down, came also because of the overdue 2009 budget.

Meanwhile, New Serbia's coalition partners, the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), organized a campaign in Belgrade today and dubbed it "1,000 Dinkićs".

The DSS Youth were this denouncing Finance Minister Mlađan Dinkić, G17 Plus, and his election campaign promise that each Serbian citizen would receive some EUR 1,000, via a distribution of free shares of the public enterprises slated to be privatized.

For the time being, those Serbians who took a walk past the Ruski Car (Russian Tzar) restaurant in downtown Belgrade this morning were able to get mock "1,000 Dinkićs" banknotes from the DSS activists.

The backside of the "banknotes" demands Dinkić's resignation over what the party sees as his "misleading of the public into believing that they would receive the free shares".

DSS Youth President Dragan Daničić told reporters that "not only will the citizens not get EUR 1,000 in shares, but Dinkić has also spent RSD 100mn of their money, printing and distributing statements confirming the distribution of free shares".

Party officials and former ministers Slobodan Lalović and Radomir Naumov attended the campaign today.

Earlier on Saturday, Speaker Slavica Đukić-Dejanović of the ruling Socialists (SPS) said that the no-confidence motion session could be held on Dec. 8.

She also hinted at the possibility that the current sitting of the Serbian parliament, dedicated to a set of judicial reform laws, could be suspended "if it takes too long".

Đukić-Dejanović reminded that MPs will have to debate both the cabinet no-confidence proposal and the new budget draft before the year is over.

She also said that PM Mirko Cvetković and his cabinet will be called to attend the session where their performance will be discussed.

"I expect most ministers, especially those mentioned by MPs the most, to show," the speaker said.

The no-confidence initiative was tabled by the opposition DSS, NS, and the Serb Radicals (SRS), because of "Serbia's cooperation in the establishment of the EULEX mission in Kosovo and Metohija".

SRS offshoot Serb Progressive Party (SNS) says it will vote in favor of bringing down the government, while opposition Liberal Democrats (LDP) say they will support the Cvetković cabinet.


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