"Latest version of resolution could represent compromise"

A new version of the Srebrenica draft "condemns genocide, but acknowledges innocent victims on all sides in that town and its vicinity, and throughout Bosnia."

Source: Beta, Tanjug

According to the Belgrade-based daily Politika quoted by Beta, this version, the third, also speaks about victims of sexual violence on all sides, and leaves out a previous statement about "tens of thousands of women, girls, men and boys" that were victims of sexual violence during the war in Bosnia, including in Srebrenica.

The document prepared by Britain now states that "more than 8,000 lives were lost in the genocide, while thousands were displaced, and families and communities destroyed."

The daily noted that "genocide" is mentioned 26 times, while it was found 35 times in the first draft, while the word "reconciliation" appears five times instead of three.

However - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told state broadcaster RTS on Thursday that there was a fourth version of the same draft, and that it will be sent to Belgrade later in the day.

RTS said it learned unofficially that this newest version "is even closer to the Russian draft."

Speaking about the third version, Dacic said the goal of the British resolution was to "reduce the whole tragedy of the war only to Srebrenica, to that one crime."

He added that Serbian authorities "do not think this satisfies justice for all the victims," and that the government has not yet made any official statement about the new document, while UN Security Council members have not yet harmonized the text.

Dacic said that the fourth version "could represent a compromise solution" in relation to the Russian document.


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