Croatian hooligans arrested in Serbia get plea bargain

Five hooligans from Croatia's town of Split arrested in Serbia have reached an agreement with the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug
(StarSport, file)
(StarSport, file)

They were arrested in mid-December during a football derby in the Serbian capital, on suspicion that they engaged in violent behavior at a sporting event.

According to the plea bargain agreement, Hrvoje Bakovic, Ante Firic, Jakov Podrug, Ivan Miskovic, and Stjepan Mihovilovic pleaded guilty and received from four to six months in prison, which they will serve in Serbia.

The same agreement, that is yet to be confirmed by the Higher Court in Belgrade, specifies that once they are released, they will be expelled from Serbia and banned from entering the country for five years, defense attorney Maja Trkulja told Tanjug on Tuesday.

A sixth suspect, Damir Tovarevic, did not sign the plea bargain agreement with the prosecution.


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