16.5 kilos of drugs seized in separate police raids

The Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) announced on Friday that 16.5 kilograms of marijuana had been seized in two separate police operations.

Source: Beta

A statement, quoted by Beta, said that an illegal laboratory was discovered in the Belgrade municipality of Obrenovac, after several months of operative work.

Eight kilograms of the drug were found on the occasion, while one person, 36-year-old D.P., has been arrested.

Another suspect is on the run.

In the second operation, near the municipality of Ljig in western Serbia, the police found 8.5 kilograms of marijuana in a passenger car and arrested 46-year-old G.S.

The man is suspected of having transported drugs from Kosovo and Metohija for several months, the statement said.


Biggest cocaine haul in years on northern border

Serbia's border police on Wednesday seized four kilograms of cocaine and arrested one suspect, Tanjug said it learned from the Interior Ministry (MUP).

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