3 arrested for transporting illegal migrants

Three individuals from Vranje and its vicinity have been arrested on suspicion they transported illegal migrants who suffered a traffic accident last Tuesday.

Source: Tanjug

The suspects are charged with criminal acts of illegal crossing of the state border and human trafficking, as well as grave crimes against security of public traffic and failure to provide assistance to individuals injured in the traffic accident.

The suspects are charged with having organised transport and trafficking of foreign citizens in the night between February 24 and 25 in keeping with a previously reached agreement, in the awareness that the foreign citizens have crossed the Serbian administrative border by illegal routes, states the release.

During the transport of foreign migrants in a Fiat van, a traffic accident occurred on the section of the motorway from Vranje to Leskovac near the village of Donje Krajince, southern Serbia, as the vehicle careened off the track and hit a facility by the road.

The van carried 54 migrants and the driver. A total of 42 foreign citizens suffered light and serious injuries in the incident.

One migrant who suffered serious injuries in the traffic accident near Leskovac on Tuesday died at the Neurosurgery Clinic, Nis Clinical Center Director Zoran Radovanovic told Tanjug on Sunday.

The migrant died late on Saturday despite the efforts of the medical staff to ensure his recovery, Radovanovic said and pointed to the gravity of the migrant's wounds that led to a fatal outcome.

Another patient hospitalized at the Neurosurgery Clinic is still in a very difficult condition, he is unconscious and his life is still in danger, Radovanovic stated and added that the management of the Clinical Centre was very cautious with the diagnosis on the course of treatment for most seriously injured migrants from the very beginning.

The condition of four more individuals who were hospitalized in the Nis Clinical Center after the accident which occurred in the vicinity of Leskovac is stable, Radovanovic said.

He noted that all migrants at the Nis Clinical Center come from Bangladesh.


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