1. "expected the crucial issue would be discussed in the talks AFTER the technical section was completed." -- Clown Bogi

    The key term here is AFTER, which I capitalized for you. Well sir first Serbia has to recognize our customs, seals, and other documents...

    I have a feeling that if no signature is produced by July 5th (05.07.11) than Serbian products will face a 10% VAT at the border starting July 15th (15.07.11).

    (KOSO, 1 July 2011 02:57)

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  2. I remember about a year ago the Serbian posters kept saying, if Kosovo is truly independent why do the Albanians feel like they have to shout it all the time.
    Now I wonder if there is no chance of Serbia recognizing Kosovo, Why do the Serbs have to announce it daily?
    (how things have changed, 30 June 2011 23:22)

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  3. "Do we want to recognize Kosovo - no," the minister stressed"

    It almost felt as the Minister was going to follow with:
    "But do we have to recognize Kosovo - yes"

    Maybe next time.
    (miri, 30 June 2011 19:41)

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