1. The prisoners from the Azovostal plant will be treated the following way.

    (1) Civilians who have surrendered will be interrogated, searched including family members and eventually released with a choice of going to any region, whether DPR, LPR or Ukraine.

    (2) Foreign mercenaries including US admiral, Canadian Generals, British and others will be fully interrogated. They will then be shipped to Moscow's Lubyanka headquarters of the FSB where there will be further interrogations. They will not be exchanged but will have full war crimes courts in Donetsk and convicted up to death sentences.

    (3) Ukraine Military will be fully interrogated as well including fully searched to any Nazi symbols including tattoos. They will be treated under the Geneva convention and will be placed on prisoner camps for exchange with Russian prisoners.

    (4) Azov Nazi Battalions will be fully interrogated and sent to either Donetzk or the FSB Lubyanka for war crimes trials up to and including death sentences.
    (Jugosalvija, 17 May 2022 21:57)

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  2. They need vetting for war crimes the Azov and foreign fighters who have committed war crimes should not be allowed to go free. Perhaps Russia should set up its own criminal court to try these people. Be interesting to see if any CIA,American etc advisors are there.can you imagine America's outrage, but they are the world leaders in hypocrisy
    (Diana, 17 May 2022 10:56)

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