1. Bob,

    I have three problems here with your post.

    1) The Red Army had numerous ethnic groups, some had even problems to use Western toilets.

    With statements like that I would expect you to cite sources, i.e. how many Serbian women were raped by ETHNIC RUSSIANS - and more importantly, such cases went unpunished by the army commanders or the perpetrators where put to death on the spot if discovered.

    The rape and theft problem was quite significant in both Hungary and Germany. And even in China during the Mandzhuria campaign.

    It was a common knowledge that for both offenses - if caught - the offender was shot on the spot.

    2) Your posting has pretty much nothing to do with the original topic. Because of that it is a pure trolling.

    3) Please save your emotions about "idiot" and the "f-word". You are a major suspect to be one of the identities of the resident troll, presumably from Canada.

    As such, you should worry about establishing any sort of credibility.

    Without that all what you write has zero weight.
    (Ataman, 25 March 2018 10:53)

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  2. I certainly hope that Croatia does not introduce sanctions on Russia. Would be like shooting yourself in the foot. Germany STILL does tons of business with Russia despite sanctions but tries to force smaller countries to stop. What do you think will happen when Britain exits the EU? They've been pushing for sanctions like crazy while within the EU but will likely become a major trade partner with Russia when they finally exit. There is no such thing as right or wrong anymore. It's all about pulling the wool over others eyes while boosting your own economy and strength. The only thing that hasn't changed is that money talks.
    (MikeD, 24 March 2018 23:23)

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  3. Sunce

    Your style of writing uses primitive means of expression. Words like F and idiot do little to impress us with your intellect.

    Serbs apparently love Russia despite the fact that the 1945 Russian liberators of Belgrade raped Serbian women. I suppose you blame the UK for that.
    (Bob, 24 March 2018 15:45)

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  4. F**K Britain. Do you think they care about us or have did anything for us other than send 200,000 anti communists back to YU in 45 to be slaughtered. Why do we idiots from the Balkans constantly bow down to others. Why ? Plenkovic you idiot start communicating with your president.
    (Sunce, 24 March 2018 10:23)

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