Safer Internet Day to be marked across Serbia

BELGRADE -- Safer Internet Day in Serbia (SID) will be celebrated in Belgrade as an interactive workshop, themed after this year's global SID theme "Connect with Respect".

The event will be organized on the 3rd floor of the Ušće Shopping Mall on Tuesday, February 5.

Internet and IT users will receive guidelines about online threats and rules on safe internet and IT use.

Safer Internet Day in Serbia will be organized by Fund B92, Save the Children and Digital Agenda Directorate, partner organizations building the Safer Internet Center Serbia, with support from the ministry of of trade and telecommunications and interior affairs.

Many present and future collaborators from Niš, Kragujevac, Zaječar, Mladenovac, Aranđelovac, and other towns, will also join in.

The Center's stall will offer children, youths, and their parents a chance to compete in virtual and traditional games throughout the day, and learn about protection and respect of others online, as well as seek advice on their own misgivings, or on how to help someone from their surroundings.

LINK Group and its IT High School (ITHS) will organize a competition, with the company's volunteers interacting with visitors, while the winner of an English language course will be announced in the evening.

The Association of IT Professors of Serbia will join in the marking of the day not only via its cooperation with the B92 Fund, LINK Group and Save the Children on launching an online platform for training students in elementary and high schools to safely use the internet, but also through specialists lectures for children and caregivers, prepared with children from elementaries taking part in the School without Violence program - elementaries Sevan Dukić from Belgrade and Desanka Maksimović from Čokot near Niš.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development - Violence Prevention Unit, UNICEF and Telenor, along with students and schools throughout Serbia, are marking SID as part of the “Stop to Digital Violence” project. Telenor's Expo Center building will on Feb. 5 host a round-table entitled, "Share smile. Like love. Hate hate", that will bring together students from five elementary and five high schools from across the country, where a survey on digital violence in schools had been carried out.

The students' debate on their experiences in the online world and their recommendations on how to lower the risks and promote safe use of digital technologies will be streamed live online, giving other students a chance to participate with comments and suggestions.

Local campaigns to mark SID will be organized by B92 Fund partners gathered around the Coalition for Safer Internet: Novi Sad based Centre for Youth Deviant Behavior Prevention - Target, the Timok Youth Centre from Zaječar, the Society for Development of Children and Youths OPen Club from Niš, and C31 - Center for Development of Child Rights Culture from Kragujevac.

The Niš and Kragujevac-based partners will hold their events on February 5 in the Kalča Center in Niš and Plaza Shopping Mall in Kragujevac, respectively.

In Zaječar, two screenings of the "Tagged" movie about teenager Amanda Todd have been scheduled, while volunteer Ivan Novaković will be discussing with children, youths and their parents Mladenovac's TCM shopping mall and Fortuna Center in Aranđelovac.

In cooperation with the Municipality of Savski Venac, Target Centre will organize two educational workshops on safer Internet use for teachers from local schools on February 4 and 5 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.. Savski Venac Municipality is the first Belgrade Municipality that initiated educational activities on safer Internet use and provided for educational workshops and interactive lecturers for pupils and students, parents, teachers and psychologists working with primary and secondary schools' children from the local schools.