Prosinečki quits as Red Star FC coach

BELGRADE -- Croatian football expert Robert Prosinečki decided on Monday to resign as coach of the Belgrade-based Red Star football club.

Robert Prosinečki (Tanjug)
Robert Prosinečki (Tanjug)

“We terminated the contract by mutual consent. After two months of thinking about it, I decided to leave. I fell sorry for the players, because I believe in them, but I made the decision on my own, as I do not feel capable of leading Red Star any more,” Prosinečki told an extraordinary press conference at the Red Star stadium in Belgrade.

He added he felt extremely sorry about it but that such was the life of coach and players.

“I have enjoyed great support from the fans and this will still be my club. Red Star is a great club, the greatest on the Balkans, but there have been pressures of various kinds involved and the club suffered. The draw against Rad was not the decisive factor. I fell sorry for the players and I will be with them in my heart when they face Bordeaux. Maybe my leaving will be an additional motivation for them. I believe Red Star can win even though the French team are very experienced,” the former coach stressed.

At the start of the Serbian national league season, Red Star played a 2-2 draw against Rad. It will play Bordeaux in Europa League qualifications on Thursday.

Prosinečki's most likely successor is Aleksandar Janković, currently the coach of Serbia's U21 men's football team.