Russian water bomber, helicopter land in airport in south

NIŠ -- Two Russian firefighting aircraft on Tuesday landed at the Konstantin Veliki airport in the town of Niš, southern Serbia.


The aircraft are a Beriev 200 airplane that can carry more than 12 tons of water, accompanied by a Mi-26 helicopter.

The airplane and the helicopter will remain stationed there for preventive reasons, in case the need arises to put out fires, it has been announced.

The aircraft will be used in Serbia, but also in neighboring countries, it has been said.

As part of preparations to set up a joint Russo-Serbian regional emergency situations center in Niš, last year two Russian water bombers and their crews were stationed at the Niš airport for about ten days.

The emergency center project was started two years ago by Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić and Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Meanwhile, during the past week of hot and dry weather in Serbia, 104 hectares and 1,400 hectares of undergrowth burned in several wildfires that are now under control.