Powerful blast hits railway tracks near Zagreb

ZAGREB -- A powerful explosion took place around 3:50 CET at a train station near Zagreb but nobody was injured.


Zagreb-based daily Jutranji list writes that explosives were planted on the tracks.

Police have released that the blast caused significant material damage to the tracks and a train and that the cause of the explosion is still unknown.

However, Croatian media report that it could even be a terrorist attack.

The explosion took place on the railway tracks near Podsused Station when the freight train, that was headed from Zagreb to Varaždin, was passing. Only a train engineer was aboard the train.

Both railway and road traffic in the area have been suspended due to an ongoing investigation.

According to Jutarnji list, the entire Podsused Station is blocked by the police and more than 20 officers and 20 vehicles are inspecting the scene. Forensic experts are searching the area and police investigators are interviewing all local residents.

Croatian Radio Television (HRT) has reported that the blast was caused by some sort of an explosive device. The powerful detonation shattered all windows in the 400-meter radius.

Zagreb City Emergency Situations Bureau has released that the explosion damaged the railway tracks and caused minor damage to a nearby house.