Court says Hadžić fit to be extradited

BELGRADE -- The Hague Tribunal indictee Goran Hadžić has appeared before the judge of the Special Court in Belgrade on Wednesday.

The Special Court in Belgrade (Beta)
The Special Court in Belgrade (Beta)

Belgrade-based lawyer Toma Fila, who will be Hadžić's attorney in Belgrade but will not represent him before the Hague court, told Tanjug that he would defend the indictee at the Wednesday hearing.

The hearing was being conducted by Judge Milan Dilparić, in the presence of the war crimes prosecutor. The court announced afterwards that all conditions for Hadžić's extradition to the Hague Tribunal had been met, and ordered his detention.

The judge confirmed the suspect's identity, and handed Hadžić and his lawyer the indictment raised against him.

The extradition decision can be appealed withing three days of becoming valid. The appeal would be discussed by a three-member chamber of the court, while the extradition order is signed by the justice minister.

According to Toma Fila, Hadžić requested that Fila should represent him in Belgrade, but not before the Hague.

The lawyer explained that he would not be able to represent Hadžić before the Hague due to conflict of interests, since he also defended former Vukovar mayor Slavko Dokmanović before the court.