Serbia’s foreign debt down to EUR 24.21bn

BELGRADE -- Serbia's foreign debt totaled EUR 24.21bn at the end of August, meaning it dropped EUR 219.3mn that month.

This is according to a magazine published by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS).

In August, long-term debt dropped by EUR 214.8mn, while short-term debt went down 4.6bn.

By sectors, the foreign debt of the public sector was reduced EUR 138.4mn, the debt of banks EUR 17.9mn and debt of companies EUR 63mn.

Of the total debt, EUR 23.97bn was the principal and EUR 241.5mn the regular interest.

At the same time, the public sector's foreign debt totaled EUR 11.1bn or 45.8 percent, while the foreign debt of the private sector amounted to EUR 13.11bn or 54.2 percent.