Donetsk comes under "worst shelling in months"

RT is reporting on Tuesday morning that "at least one civilian has been killed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk."

Source: RT

According to the broadcaster, the person was killed when "an army shell hit an apartment building amid intense fire on rebel positions."

The attack on the city is described as "one of the worst shellings in months."

“There was fire, shelling for about two hours and it was almost non-stop… blast after blast, you could feel the vibrations from the explosions, kilometers away from the frontline,” RT’s Murad Gazdiev said over the phone from Donetsk.

The reporter added that the attack "centered on northern Donetsk, where the previously contested airport is located, but at least one shell landed on a civilian building."


Kiev "to fight until last drop of blood"

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has described the Minsk peace roadmap as "a pseudo-peace, for which Ukraine is paying too high a price."

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