Is there immunity without antibodies?

The vaccines work well in the working-age population – up to 65 years of age.

Source: B92
FOTO: Profimedia
FOTO: Profimedia

"Some mild problems in the category of older people over 70 do exist, with men who have developed a slightly weaker humoral response when it comes to Sinopharm vaccines. To a lesser extent, it also happens with other types of vaccines. We will pay special attention to this category of people." stated Dr. Marija Gnjatovic from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine.

Ms. Gnjatovic said, that the plan to make a national study dealing with the monitoring of the vaccination effects is underway.

She also stated that the absence of antibodies does not mean that one has no immunity.

"Antibodies serve as a confirmation that an immune response has been triggered. It’s easy to measure then. But their absence does not mean that there is no protection, it’s the cellular response that matters. The absence of a humoral does not mean that there is no cellular response," he added.

She stated that there are more than 12,000 coronavirus variants registered so far.

Professor Dr. Darko Nozic, an infectologist, said that there was no reason why vaccination should not be mandatory for health workers.

For them, the vaccination is compulsory against some other infectious diseases, which are significantly less contagious, such as hepatitis B," said Nozic.

As he said, the situation is better and the numbers of newly infected are decreasing.

"A part of the population became infected, but the number of those vaccinated is growing, I think it is around four million. The sum of vaccinated and those who have had it should reach some 70 or 80 percent," said Nozic, who expects the favorable trend to continue and some measures to be abolished in order to continue with normal life.


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