"Tightening measures immediately"

A member of the Crisis Staff, infectologist Mijomir Pelemis, said that we should not wait 14 days to analyze the effects of the recently adopted measures.

Source: Beta
Screenshot TV B92
Screenshot TV B92

"Long before December 1, today or tomorrow, we must analyze, not the effects of the measures, but the epidemiological situation, and if we do not see an improvement, we should immediately tighten the measures," Pelemis told Vecernje Novosti.

Tightening the measures, the paper writes today, could mean additional shortening of working hours of caterers and traders, reorientation to work from home, limiting the number of people in public transport and increasing the distance. That would then mean that more than the current four square meters per person must be provided in the premises.

"COVID-19 is equally dangerous for all ages, regardless of gender, there is only a difference in the outcome of the disease. Everyone can get infected and anyone who is infected can die due to complications. Young people died of COVID, fortunately not children, but reports from the United States show that COVID was fatal to more than 100 children there", Pelemis warned.


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