"My mom named me Serbia as her only child that survived"

A young Nigerian lives in Lagos, works as an event planner and a fashion blogger - nothing out of the ordinary for a young woman who follows trends.

Source: B92

But what's unusual is her given name - namely, Serbia.

Serbia Wilson is influential on Instagram, where she publishes photographs from Lagos, with many young women looking up to the urbane Nigerian.

Now you may wonder if the name "Serbia" is common in Nigeria? Well, not really.

"My name is unusual here as well, and when people ask me how I got it and what it means, I tell them it's the name of a country in Europe," Wilson, who is proud of her unusual first name, told B92.

I love my style ✨✨✨.

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She said she was unaware of anyone else in Lagos having the same name - but that her people are very much aware of our country.

Other than working as an event planner, Serbia owns a second-hand store, and stresses that living in the Nigerian capital is not at all simple.

"Life in Lagos is nothing but survival of the fittest," she said.

It was Wilson's mother who decided to name her daughter after Serbia, as a consequence of hardships and the family situation:

"My mom gave me the name Serbia because I am the only one of all her children who survived."

Nailed or failed ?

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Unfortunately, Serbia has never visited Serbia, and says it is her great wish to come to our country - and would not mind working an living here.


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