Interactive exhibition dedicated to Mihajlo Pupin

The interactive exhibition dubbed “Pupin - From Physical to Spiritual Realities” opened at the Historical Museum of Serbia in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

The exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of the great Serbian scientist and inventor Mihajlo Pupin.

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The biggest exhibition on Pupin to date is also the first museum exhibition in Serbia to apply the modern technologies that made it possible for each segment of the exhibition to be interactive. One of the innovative solutions introduced in the display is the use of interactive glasses.

At the opening, Serbian Culture Minister Ivan Tasovac said that Pupin was a brilliant mind, a professor at the Columbia University, but also an honorary consul of Serbia in the United States, long-time president of the Serbian National Defense Council of America, and a great philanthropist. “Pupin was a citizen of the world who never forgot where he came from,” underlined Tasovac.

Telekom Srbija Managing Director Predrag Culibrk added that the exhibition presented the life and work of Mihajlo Pupin in an innovative way, noting that the scientist's greatest legacy was in the field of telecommunications.

Author of the exhibition Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic said that the items on display included archive materials and a large number of documents that had not been made public before, such as a classified FBI file on Pupin.

Individual segments of the exhibition are dedicated to Pupin's work as a scientist and a professor, his Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography, efforts to help Serbia during the First World War, covert work for the U.S. army, humanitarian work and patronage of the arts.

The exhibition will be open through February 20, 2016.


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