"No need for the Serbian world" Abazovic says

Mr. Abazovic responded to Mr. Vulin's statement about the Serbian world saying that such a world is not needed.

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Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic said that he expected that relations between Belgrade and Podgorica would improve after Serbia helped Montenegro with vaccines, but such scenario did not happen due to some political events in Montenegro that caused much more attention in Serbia, for no good reason.

In his interview, Mr. Abazovic specified that after the dismissal of the Montenegrin Minister of Justice Vladimir Leposavic, the adoption of the Srebrenica Resolution and the Basic Agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church, the negative atmosphere was unnecessarily created.

Commenting on the statement of the Serbian Minister of the Interior, Mr. Aleksandar Vulin, about the creation of the Serbian world, Abazovic stated that "we do not need the Serbian world, but the European world".

"I have criticized such statements on more than one occasion. I am afraid that we give them too much importance, even though they really seem dangerous. When we give great importance to something frivolous like this, then the whole thing gets out of proportions it really deserves," said Mr. Abazovic.

He also reiterated that the non-extradition of the former president of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Svetozar Marovic, is nothing else but a bad message to Montenegro, with "no logical basis".

"In the meantime, one thing happened, which is that the deadline in which he could give some answer expires soon. Now everything is getting a new dimension. Maybe that's why he should have stayed there. In any case, I still stand by my position. that it would be very good for justice and the fight against organized crime to extradite Svetozar Marovic to Montenegro," Abazovic concluded.

When asked if he will pay an official visit to Serbia, he said that "no visit without an invitation is possible."

"In essence, due to the situation with Covid-19, this type of activity was a bit limited. I recently visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania and I hope to pay an official visit to Serbia soon. I will do so with great pleasure. Colleagues from Serbia are certainly more than welcome to Montenegro ", stated Abazovic.

When it comes to the situation on the Montenegrin political scene, Abazovic said that his relations with other members of the ruling coalition are very good, but he also added that he is unsure if their mutual relations were good.

Abazovic pointed out his support to Mr. Zdravko Krivokapic as prime minister, same kind of support from the very beginning.

He stated that, if the concept of expert government is to be abandoned, the agreement signed after the elections would have to be revised.

"If we are to revise the agreement, then we can go too far. I refuse the reconstruction according to the “buffet system” - for anyone just to come and help themselves with whatever they want. That must not be done. The reconstruction always carries certain political risks," Abazovic warned.

He believes that the conflict between the Democratic Front on the one hand and the Democrats and Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic on the other hand is "very frivolous".

"I will always vote for finding compromises, although I do understand political strive and positioning. Exchange of harsh words should be postponed until the election campaign," said Abazovic.

He describes the situation as self-contradictory because the Government of Montenegro does not have the support of the majority in the parliament, but, as he states, there is no real threat of the fall.

"It's a strange situation, but after 30 years no one expected things to be simple. I don't think anyone is ready to overthrow the government at this point. It would be political suicide for anyone who dares to take that step. On the other hand, the government must find a common language with the parliamentary majority so that these goals that I talked about can be achieved, "Abazovic said.


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