Croatia mulls reintroducing conscription "because of Serbia"

A part of the new Croatian government is in favor of reintroducing compulsory military service.

Source: Tanjug

The right-wing HDP AS party, a member of the ruling coalition, say this is "out of fear of Serbia."

Advisor to the prime minister Stjepo Bartulica told N1 broadcaster that the return to compulsory military service is "a new topic on the agenda" in Croatia.

"Given the fact that Croatia is in NATO it should not be afraid of anyone, we are in a firm military alliance and our position is much better than it was 10 or 20 years. It should be considered what conscription would bring, a cost benefit analysis should be made, because it certainly also has its advantages, and there should be an optimal answer. I would not put the emphasis on the threat, it only causes fear in people, and I do not see that threat," said Bartulica.

However, Pero Coric from the HDP AS believes that Croatia should become "an independent military force."

Asked if he believes there is a real possibility for conflict with Serbia, he said:

"Of course I do. I cannot say I and my family feel safe. The question is whether Serbia will adhere to certain norms and the question is whether it will join another alliance. Like Israel, we in a strange environment. 25 years ago everyone thought it was impossible that a tragedy like that in Vukovar could occur, and then it did."


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