Russian embassy: Referendum Bosnia's internal matter

The holding of a referendum in the RS on state-level justice institutions is a matter of Bosnia's internal politics, the Russian embassy in Sarajevo has said.

Source: Tanjug

A statement on Thursday said that it is known the Serb entity, the RS, has objections to the justice system in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"Not only the various political forces but also many representatives of the international community recognize its inefficiency," said the embassy, and added that "it is necessary to overcome the reasons behind the problem, instead of directing all forces to fight its visible consequences."

The so-called structural dialogue on justice system reforms has not given results, and the concerns of the Serb community in Bosnia-Herzegovina remain without answers, the Russian embassy said.

In their reaction to the vote in the RS assembly, the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo said the referendum was a political provocation that would violate the Dayton agreement.


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