Dačić, Gruevski attend St. Sava Day event

The citizens of Serbia and Macedonia must work on neighborly relations, Serbian PM Ivica Dačić and his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Gruevski have said.

Source: B92, Tanjug

"If Macedonians and Serbs are clever, they will live in love, friendship and mutual trust. If they are not - which will not be the first time - they will be working to their own detriment and to the joy of our enemies", Dačić said late on Sunday.

He made the comments as he was attending a ceremonial Saint Sava Day academy in Skopje.

"We should not look to the past, but to the future, and we should leave the past to historians," Dačić said.

"Marking holidays such as this is very important in modern multi-ethnic societies. In this way, we value mutual respect, we learn about each other and live together. That represents the symbols of respect, trust and togetherness," Gruevski said.

The very presence of Dačić adds another quality to enhancing good neighborly relations in the spirit of European values, he said.

Before the event, Dačić and Gruevski held a bilateral meeting, reaching an agreement on intensifying the economic cooperation between Macedonia and "enhancing the policy of good neighborly relations," Tanjug reported.

Serbs in Macedonia mark January 27, the feast of St. Sava, as their day.

Saint Sava, born Rastko Nemanjić, was a prince, monk, legislator, and educator in Serbia's medieval state, and in 1291 became the first head of the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).


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