Governments of Serbia and RS to hold joint session

PM Ana Brnabic announced on Thursday that a joint session of the governments of Serbia and the Serb Republic (RS) will be held in Belgrade on November 10.

Source: Tanjug

"Regional cooperation is the main priority of the government of Serbia, and it is especially important with the RS," she said in Belgrade, during a forum on harmonization of business conditions in South East Europe.

According to her, many joint projects are being implemented, and one of the most important is the bridge over the Drina River between Ljubovija and Bratunac, where a border crossing should soon be opened.

Brnabic expects that the two governments will receive concrete proposals from the business sector by the time the joint session is held, on how the economies of Serbia and the RS can better cooperate.

As one of the examples of good cooperation in the region, she cited NALED's project to certify local self-governments as favorable business environments in Europe, in which Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia are participating, while work was being done to include Albania.

Brnabic said that more than 80 local governments are participate in this project, and that they have harmonized and defined their business standards.

RS Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic also took part in the forum, and emphasized that regional cooperation meetings are useful for harmonizing regulatory frameworks whose unevenness often hampers economic flows.

She assessed that the harmonization of regulations with Serbia is of great importance for the RS, but that the RS also has to do that within Bosnia-Herzegovina, as there are many problems in practice between the two entities.

"The obligation of the administration of both countries is to recognize the good ideas of the businesses and the non-governmental sector and to integrate them into regulations that will benefit all," said Cvijanovic.


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