"Germany expects Serbia to implement Brussels agreement"

German Ambassador Heinz Wilhelm says a possible change of the Serbian Constitution and adoption of a new Kosovo resolution was "an internal affair of Serbia."

Source: Tanjug

He pointed out that his country was interested primarily in the implementation of the Brussels agreement.

The diplomat did wish to comment on the recent statement of President Tomislav Nikolić, who hinted at the possibility of a new parliamentary resolution on Kosovo after the formation of a new government.

"It's not my place to comment on the possible change of the Constitution. I'm not a Serbian politician. Ask Aleksandar Vučić or someone else," said Wilhelm, when asked by journalists to reflect on Nikolić's statement.

When asked what Berlin "expects from Serbia in this respect," he said: "Nothing."

"We expect the implementation of the Brussels agreement, which is ongoing. This issue is an internal issue of Serbia, whether and how to change the Constitution. I'm not asking you whether Germany should change its constitution," said Wilhelm.

The German ambassador spoke with reporters on Thursday, before delivering his lecture on German-Serbian relations and Serbia's accession to the EU at the private Singidunum university.


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