Further EU integration "devastating for Serbia"

Vojislav Koštunica has said further integration into the European Union would be devastating for Serbia's national interests.

Source: Tanjug

According to Koštunica, his party had the task ahead of it "to win Serbia over for the idea of political neutrality."

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), and former Yugoslav president and Serbian prime minister spoke during a party conference on Sunday, that saw him reelected as DSS leader.

"Our goal is for this year to be the one that will see the start of a public debate on the benefits Serbia would receive if it continued with EU integration," he told a DSS conference where he was re-elected as president of the party.

According to Koštunica, there is no one in Serbia apart from the DSS who should openly tell the people the truth, that EU integration is devastating to the national interest.

He believes there have been no agreements in Serbia's history worse than the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Priština, which was imposed by the EU and stripped Serbia of Kosovo.

There is a propaganda campaign against the DSS nowadays simply because it is against joining the EU and NATO, but wants a free, independent and politically neutral Serbia, he stressed.

"It is necessary to enter a public debate on Serbia's interest, whether it is the integration into the EU or political neutrality," he stated, adding that Serbia should call a referendum in early 2015 so the people could have their say about it.

"Is it possible that Britain is announcing a referendum on leaving the EU while Serbia keeps vowing to stay on this blind alley path?, " he asked.

The participants in the conference adopted a document entitled Principles of Political Neutrality, which then became part of the DSS program.

The party vice presidents were also elected at the meeting, including three who did not previously hold this position: Milan Stamatović, Borko Ilić, and Donka Banović.


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