PM strongly condemns killing of EULEX member

Prime Minister Ivica Dačić says the attack on EULEX in north Kosovo represents an extremist, not a patriotic act that inflicts damage to Serbia in general.

Source: Tanjug

He pointed out that the attack was strongly condemned by the entire Serbian government.

"It's not a shot at EULEX, but at the future of the Serb people in Kosovo, Serbia and the future of its citizens. An attack on EULEX and KFOR? What is the future of the Serb population in Kosovo under these conditions? Those who do this are the enemies of Serbia," said Dačić.

According to him, the "extremist madness" present on all sides can dangerously jeopardize peace, stability and security in Kosovo.

"It is a great pity for the interests of Serbia, notably the Serb people in Kosovo and the government condemns this act in the strongest terms," Dačić said at a joint press conference with visiting Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout.

He added that Serbia has already offered to help EULEX to find the culprits and expressed condolences to EULEX, the Lithuanian government and the family of the victim. "We insist, and we fully support the efforts to arrest the perpetrators," said Dačić.

He also announced that he would later in the day have a telephone conversation with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the occasion of the incident.

The Czech minister, who is on an official visit to Belgrade, said that according to information available a member of the Czech military was also wounded during the attack, and stressed that he would insist that the perpetrators of the act be found and punished.

"We strongly condemn this attack on EULEX and indeed we insist on finding the perpetrators," said Kohout.

He added that what happened today in the north shows that EULEX must remain in the same volume in Kosovo and Metohija.

Dačić sends telegram of condolences

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić sent a telegram of condolences to Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius over the death of Lithuanian customs officer Audrius Senavicius who was killed in the attack on EULEX members in northern Kosovo-Metohija early on Thursday.

On behalf of the Serbian government and himself, Dačić expressed deepest condolences over the death of the Lithuanian customs officer who was killed in the attack on EULEX early on Thursday. The Serbian government will do all it can to help find the individual responsible for the shooting, states the telegram of condolences as released by the government.

A EULEX staff member died after an incident near Zvečan in northern Kosovo-Metohija on Thursday morning.

The person, member of the EULEX Customs Component, received a gunshot wound when two EULEX vehicles, carrying six staff members, came under fire from unknown individuals in the vicinity of Zvečan on Thursday morning.

The wounded EULEX member was taken to the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital where he died from his injuries.


"Serbia was ready for screening"

PM Ivica Dačić and EU Delegation to Serbia head Michael Davenport agreed on Monday in their assessment that Serbia has "a well-prepared team for screening."

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Vučić defends Pride Parade ban

Aleksandar Vučić has said the decision to ban Pride Parade and all other assemblies in Belgrade was "the only right decision, made in the interest of citizens."

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