Aleksic denied the accusations of rape, and he was remanded in custody

Acting teacher Miroslav Mika Aleksić was questioned today before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office, being charged with 15 criminal acts.

Source: B92
Ilustracija: JanPietruszka/depositphotos/
Ilustracija: JanPietruszka/depositphotos/

After the hearing, the prosecution proposed to the court to order his detention so that he would not exert influence on witnesses and injured parties, so that he would not repeat the crime due to public harassment.

Prosecution spokeswoman Ivana Rakočević told Tanjug that he is charged with eight criminal acts of rape and seven criminal acts of sexual harassment committed in the period from 2008 to 2020 to the detriment of six injured parties.

He denied accusations that he assaulted actress Milena Radulović and other students at his school, Belgrade media report.

"He said that the accusations were false, and that he did not know why they said that," Blic has learned from the prosecution.

She added that the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade will conduct further investigation in this case.

She pointed out that given the gravity of the criminal offenses charged against the suspect, as well as the fact that the criminal offenses were committed by a person who enjoyed the trust of the entire Serbian public, that in this case there was public disturbance, especially bearing in mind that criminal offenses were also committed against minors, and that it is the legal obligation of all participants in the proceedings not to disclose the facts they learn during the proceedings, especially having in mind the interests of the injured parties to be investigated, stated, at this time the prosecution will not go public with the details of the procedure itself. "I note that the public will be informed in a timely manner about all actions that will be taken during the investigation," she stated.

A pre-trial detention judge's decision is expected later in the evening.

Aleksic's hearing was attended by his chosen defense attorney, who had previously been appointed as his ex-officio defense attorney by a decision of the prosecution.

His lawyer Dragan Plazinić was in the police with Aleksić, but his lawyer's ID expired, so an ex-officio defense attorney was urgently hired.

Aleksic's family, meanwhile, has hired a new lawyer.

Yesterday, after his arrest, the Ministry of the Interior announced that Aleksić was charged with several criminal acts of rape and illegal sexual activity, for which he faces up to 15 years in prison.

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