Arson attack in grammar school destroys books and paintings

The extent of material damage from a fire that broke out overnight at the First Gymnasium (grammar school) in Kragujevac is difficult to assess at this point.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file, illustration purposes)
(Tanjug, file, illustration purposes)

The school's director, Slavica Markovic, said this on Thursday.

According to the local police in this central Serbian town, the fire is suspected to have been the work of an arsonist - a man born in 1981 whose initials are N.G., and who is now in custody.

Nobody was injured in the blaze that, according to Markovic, had spread to three teacher's offices and one classroom.

"It's hard to talk about the figures at this point, but the damage is great. A lot of things have been destroyed, object, but what is invaluable are the books and the paintings," she said.

Markovic on Thursday afternoon added that the police were yet to inform the school officially about the cause of the fire, and that classes would resume by January 9, i.e., after the Serbian Orthodox Christmas.


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