"Unfortunately, South Stream was halted, we are dependent"

Serbia is politically and financially committed to establishing long-term energy security, EU Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic has said in Budapest.

Source: Tanjug

And the country will negotiate with all relevant factors within and outside the European Union in order to achieve it, Joksimovic said on Wednesday, Beta reported.

"Unfortunately, South Stream was halted, and the goal is to establish long-term energy stability. We are a very dependent country in the import of gas and petroleum. We need regional interconnections between neighboring countries. Those projects demand vast funds, and they aren't profitable. That's a problem, but we have no choice if we want energy security," Joksimovic said.

Speaking while at the sixth annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, she told Beta and EurActiv Serbia that "undoubtedly Serbia is building its position in one sense in relation to its obligations within EU integration, that is, adjusting to the third energy package and everything that Chapter 15 (on energy) represents."

The Serbian minister said that, on the other hand, the reality, "recognized by others, not only candidates but members too, that there is truly high dependence of all countries in the Danube Region on gas import."

"That should be recognized and understood by the EU and out partners, because in the end, our citizens will ask 'How will you ensure gas supply after 2019, that is, 2020," she went on to say.

"In this sense, our dialog is very active, both with European partners and with all regional projects, including Turkish Stream, where Hungary is participating as a partner too, as their national interest is a more stable gas supply," Joksimovic said.

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