1. Sadly the answer to this problem actually lies in the home but in Serbia, as throughout most of the world,families are gradually becoming more and more dysfunctional as the years go by. Parents are divorcing or not even marrying at all,and children grow up on a diet of violent video games and pornography (this includes barely dressed "pop" singers gyrating around the TV screen like a hooker) from dawn till dusk.Women are treated in the media as nothing more than trophies to be won and then lost or worse still as slave labour by their husbands/partners. So this problem has already reached epidemic proportions and curing the disease is not going to be quick or easy. My Serbian parents bought us up to respect everyone regardless of race,religion or gender and we will do the same,but sadly we often feel like we are a dwindling minority.Hope Serbian men will lead by example and solve their relationship problems in a more civilized way and stay around to give their children,if they have them,a father figure to be proud of.Good luck with the campaign anyway,it serves as a useful reminder of how selfish people can be.
    (Hope, 26 November 2016 18:26)

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