1. He said Serbia's position on Bosnia-Herzegovina had not changed, as Serbia continues to respect the territorial integrity of that country, but will at the same time not allow anyone to endanger the Serb Republic (RS) - the Serb entity in Bosnia.

    "Serbia hasn't changed. Its policy will not be aggressive but one of peace and reconciliation, rather than the of revenge against another nation. And I'm going to Mostar, I'm guessing it will be interesting," Vucic said. Ye we get to throw stones at his big head to. If Dodo is coming we can't miss it is like hitting a big fat barn. Also it would be nice if Nikolic was coming to he would be soiling him self. I know he is to busy robing the Serbs. He dose not want to go back to being a grave digger with his fake diploma no time to waste. Only qualification with his experience is being a President of Serbia.
    (Lenard, 31 March 2016 09:21)

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