1. Some useful definitions perhaps?.....

    "Refugee"= a person fleeing one country and seeking "refuge" in another.

    "Migrant"= a person who, for ECONOMIC reasons ie: work etc, originates from one country and is transiting (with no intention of staying) in a second country on his/her way to ANOTHER country where they may ultimately seek "refuge" or "asylum" or "migrant status" (permission to work and reside).

    Other useful terms:


    Now we see why the EU has to rethink and re-define its laws to handle this apparently "new" issue of Middle Eastern peoples flooding into Europe.

    AT THE END OF THE DAY, they are all still HUMAN BEINGS and should be treated as such.
    (KCOJ, 3 September 2015 17:18)

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  2. Atman

    Bush administration? Your history is a bit old.
    (Bob, 1 September 2015 12:17)

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  3. They are migrants because knowingly safe countries aren't good enough for them.

    If I am scared to death being beheaded for being not "in-line" with religious norms of ISIS, once I land in Greece I would stay there or head for Albania or Turkey (depending on my faith). Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria is still good enough, Croatia or Hungary is the paradise. No need to occupy every single train going from Hungary to Germany.

    Germany's better social welfare system is not a valid reason to go there.

    Of course, ones who have ties (family, etc.) should go where their ties are. Otherwise the first safe country they arrive is fine.

    Of course than something has to be done for Greece, Italy and entire Balkans (monetarily, on EU / UN basis). But pack everyone into Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, France is just plain wrong. What I underscore is that sending the people back is not an option either. And since the entire situation was largely caused by idiotic decisions of Bush administration... U.S. has the moral obligation to share the burden.

    If U.S. does not want few million Syrian refugees (understand!) - than at least they have more then enough Dollars to help them directly.
    Rather help these people than finance a new arms race or some more idiotic "country building" projects.
    (Ataman, 1 September 2015 05:44)

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  4. These are refugees(избеглице), not simply migrants(мигранти). In fact, they are no different than many refugee Serbs in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo during the wars of the 90's. Why does the media continue to call them migrants instead of refugees? Shame on all of Europe for how they're treating these refugees.
    (LK, 31 August 2015 21:16)

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